Su Ershou supplies pump equipment for Chinese power project permissibly

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Su Ershou supplies pump equipment for Chinese power project permissibly

The nuclear power plant of red edge river that Su Ershou pump already was China permissibly and peaceful heart nuclear power plant supply 36 pump equipment. Report of nucleus of river of red edge of limited company of engineering of cable of Chinese Guangdong nucleus, Liaoning limited company and report of peaceful heart nucleus limited company basically is to satisfy groovy island the supply and issues order that main boiler feed pump and form a complete set help power facilities. The first batch predicts in June 2010 consign is used.

Sulzer Awarded Major Power Projects In China

Sulzer Pumps Has Been Awarded A Major Order For A Total Of 36 Pumps For The Hongyanhe And Ningde Nuclear Power Plants In China.

CNPEC (China Guangdong Nuclear Power Engineering Company Limited) , LHNP (Liaoning Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Co. Ltd) And NDNP (Ningde Nuclear Power
Co. Ltd) Placed An Order For The Supply Of Conventional Island Main BoilerFeed Water Pumps And Associated Boosters. First Deliveries Are Expected In
June 2010.

Industry posture inside Shanghaiguan allows the introduction:

Company of Swiss Su Ershou is world-renowned company of group of the industry that cross a state, found 1834, already had more than 100 years of histories, there is permanent delegate in 150 countries at present, employee of world each district makes an appointment with 320 thousand person, annual sale amounts to law of 6 billion Switzerland bright. Su Ershou company basically is engaged in turbine of spin machinery, medical treatment technology, hydraulic machinery, heating power pump of compressor of instrument, technological process and whole set of equipment, move back and forth, centrifugal, industry, produce the pump of compressor of production move back and forth, centrifugal compressor, industry, product such as centrifugal.

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