July market of a powerful person of domestic hydraulic pressure will be exalted

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"Gules in May " steel city, bovine city prices is shown, steel price all the way Gao Ge, steel city is swelled sound, businessman state of mind is good, prices of the city after expecting continues to jump go up. And in May end steel city begins " heaven and earth " changeover, whole will appear to drop considerably June its basically are the fall after a rise as amplitude of demand of domestic steel products, new increase production can release, of price of domestic steel products rise impetus gets keep within limits, present situation of exalted fall after a rise, show of You Yijian talent is most apparent. But the moving posture polarity that fluctuates with the concussion of market of building steel products such as building materials, plank, market of hydraulic pressure a powerful person will continue in June all the way " the red flag is flying " , everywhere a scene of prosperity, the price lasts perch moves, a when become nowadays steel city " bright beautiful scenery line " .

To this, present the mixed view that moves at a perch before us, of operator " fear tall " psychology is produced, the acoustical magpie that the market talks about rises, come into stock state of mind of the person that do not have goods is complex, empty factor of profit good profit all exists. And this month end China north is individual area occurrence 50-100 yuan / ton the trend of fall after a rise. Below the circumstance with the big not at present stable environment of rolled steel, downstream user to what hydraulic pressure a powerful person will rise continuously July " special case " begin doubt, go to later period situation the complicated and confusing that change: Whether be hydraulic pressure a powerful person exists " bubble " ? 2 whether be the prices with so high nowadays already was entered " inflection point " and arrived is Shan Yu about to come the degree of wind full building? 3 be hind whether does city have the possibility that drops considerably? Taking a variety of misgive, to just was being stridden July, whether does market of domestic seamless steel tube continue to maintain the moving pattern of up-and-up? The price whether still is perch strong tall? And how does later period market go situation? According to operator and analysis of the personage inside course of study, think to have factor of a few respects:

It is the market can slant for resource close, supply and demand is contradictory not protruding shows, the state that a few areas appear to be begged for be less than slightly even. Since this year, as the product structural adjustment of steelworks, add those who produce cost to be climbed successively litre, the part buys steelworks of material of base make friends to produce can release suffocate suffocate, some active reduction of output, make fall after a rise of amplitude of crop of seamless steel tube. Nowadays year May, crop of seamless steel tube is one million six hundred and forty-eight thousand three hundred tons, than last year the corresponding period grows 9.8% , the of 13.6% amplitude that compares rolled steel reduces 3.8 percent, compare only on lunar increase production ten thousand four hundred tons, add fast put delay. And after shake of Sichuan happening earth, the whole nation is carried to ensure goods and materials providing disaster relief, the transport power of a few areas is nervous, make resource of market of seamless steel tube cannot get seasonable complement, level sex, regional market resource supply deficiency, cause market price case to be in ascendant passageway all the time. These also are 5, one of dominant elements that perch of hydraulic pressure a powerful person will run June. Show course of study of iron ore negotiation to already ended, mine of mine of pink of 2008 year PB, Yang Di pink is mixed the message that fiducial price of PB piece mine comes to an agreement, mine of the PB pink mine of force develop, Yang Di pink is mixed PB piece mine will be in rose respectively on the foundation 2007 79.88% , 79.88% with 96.5% . This is affirmative to the influence of domestic steelworks, also be inevitable to the influence of market of hydraulic pressure a powerful person. Together with a few days ago, national hair changes appoint just announced decision of the attune on oil price, electrovalency, according to concerning respect statistic, because be moved this on oil price, electrovalency, increase steelworks to produce cost ton steel 80-100 yuan / ton. Such, only oily, report, mine 3 rise in price, ton steel cost will raise 500 yuan at least / ton.
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