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Research and development gave British ArtemisIntelligentPower company recently brand-new motivation transfers a system, this system can pass the over kinetic energy in drive a vehicle hydraulic pressure store can the system stores rise, motor of repass hydraulic pressure is timely release, artemis states this covers a system to be able to make the urban oily cost of the car reduces an in part.

The transmission system that this your person finds everything new and fresh calls HEDDAT(HighEfficiencyDigitalDisplacementAutomotiveTransmission) system of transmission of car of hydraulic pressure of efficient numerical control. This system is moved with BMW 530i hand edition for the foundation, going to stopped the urban district that stop to undertake fuel economy checks, the in part with actual oil only and original bad news. According to the urban oil that European standard checks bad news is 100 kilometers 5.7 litres, 100 kilometers are integrated oily bad news is 5.9 litres, the 100 kilometers that check according to American standard are integrated oily bad news is 5.6 litres. Carbon dioxide is discharged should decrease 30% to of 50% , the effect is very apparent. The proof uses a dynamo to reclaim the system of conventional mixture motive force of energy of apply the brake uses hydraulic pressure system this set to store not as good as the mixture power system of energy. Because hydraulic pressure system compares electric mixture power to have a faster yield results to lead, can release more kinetic energy, it has better suiting to rotate speed ability. No matter the driver's drill accuses a style,be tender crude still, HEDDAT system can develop its ability adequately.

The principle of HEDDAT system is close to very much with traditional and electric mixture power, hydraulic pump of a numerical control is set in gear-box place, it hydraulic pressure of kinetic energy translate into can, be in its deposit next the hydraulic pressure after gear-box store can in the crock, also can release when need store can the energy of the deposit in the crock, differ in final drive fast implement the numerical control hydraulic pump that also sets to be able to release energy partly, this sets a 15 litres hydraulic pressure oil tank on the side of explicit engine, car head sets radiator of hydraulic pressure system, of course still one is cover electronic-controlled of system of systematic government a complete set of run.

System of hydraulic pressure mixture power is not brand-new technology, had appeared before a few years, but because not as good as efficiency of dynamoelectric mixture dynamic is tall, cost is controlled not easily also, be abandoned consequently. But the British Artemis breakthrough on the technology, make system of hydraulic pressure mixture power has taller efficiency, the most important is commercial production becomes a possibility. If Artemis can be as happy as the rich world that is good at high-powered number controlling a system force person company, and Sauer-Danfoss of Europe's biggest manufacturer of hydraulic pressure motor undertakes business uses research and development hand in hand, so the time that this HEDDAT of Artemis mixes dynamical system to deploy a quantity to produce a car already not far.
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