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A few days ago, the whole world solders industry tycoon Lincoln is electric company (The Lincoln Electric Company) announces formally to will be in Nanjing external in the beauty investment of garden of Jiang Ning science builds Nanjing Lincoln project of electric limited company, extend business further, regard its as the headquarters in Chinese area.
According to subscription agreement, electric project always invests Nanjing Lincoln about 50 million U.S. dollor, cover an area of a face to accumulate 100 mus, optional location is located in lyceum of Jiang Ning division 2 period inside industrial garden. Project general this year second half of the year is started formally, plan in July 2009 complete put into production. Annual produce will be achieved after project building 1.5 billion yuan of RMBs, employee 1200 dimensions. Electric base includes Nanjing Lincoln construction solders center of base of production of material, equipment, research and development and specialization talent base, gas welding of basis Lincoln report the total approach of the solution that accept job comes integrated and advanced production technological process, solder to reveal and groom establishment.
As the whole world two the biggest provide electric welding equipment and one of transnational corporation of electric welding material, the United States is the biggest solder equipment and solder data production company, electric company established Lincoln 1895, appeared on the market 1998. In the whole world at present 19 countries set operation orgnaization, in addition its cent sells network and distributors to spread all over the whole world 160 many countries. Long-term since, electric company is maintaining Lincoln in the industry most tip and method of the most perfect product research and development and personnel.

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