World head stage is full automatic ship loader develops a success in Shanghai

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Committee of Shanghai science and technology announces 10 days, world head stage is full automatic engine of boat of ship loader, discharge and accessory equipment already developed a success in Shanghai and investment is used.
Task of this scientific research by Wu of Shanghai international harbor (group) Inc. is assumed, go up harbor group vice president, " grab bucket king " Bao Qifan is responsible, its function achieves international banner level.
This equipment includes full automatic fight round of caboodle reclaimer and automatic ship loader engine of boat of grab bucket discharge, automatically. Going up harbor group Luo Jing 2 period bulk cargo dock, staff member set is very relevant after the program, although operator leaves cab, the caboodle reclaimer that uses system of handling techniques of new-style bulk cargo still can ground of in an orderly way piles up the iron ore that comes from Brazil proper place, the appearance change that piles as mine alternates caboodle expects automatically the position, whole process is carried out automatically by the machine entirely.
As we have learned, the bulk cargo that at present international uses generally assembles and unassemble equipment, there are cabin data and return to take material point to need a hand to move personnel of set, operation to cannot leave the limit such as work station on the technology.
Achievement of this scientific research initiated the new phase that international bulk cargo assembles and unassemble: The development of the first full automatic ship loader, realized the unmanned automation operation of ship-loading operation; The application of the first full automatic discharge boat engine, those who realized ship-loading operation is automatic and even deserve to carry; The innovation of system of handling techniques of new-style bulk cargo, realized the unmanned automation operation of bulk cargo storage yard; Still belong to home first will fictitious prototype and virtual reality technology are emulated in coordination introduce haven mechanical design, it is construction home the first full automatic the demonstrative base of bulk cargo dock laid a foundation.

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