Luo Sheng enterprise introduces hydraulic pressure product

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On June 26, 2008, italy leader of high level of hydraulic pressure company visits Dipuma enterprise of Shang Luosheng of access of Asian outstanding brand, discuss cooperative matters concerned, sign become strategic partner about.
Italy Dipumaji is round hydraulic pressure company since since entering hydraulic pressure field 1952, seek technical innovation, rigorous quality management and quick after service ceaselessly, make Dipuma made Italy and even field of world hydraulic pressure well-known trademark.
Italy Dipumaji is round actual strength is abundant, skill is superior, line of the products is all ready, technical support is complete, the product of hydraulic pump series that company of its general hydraulic pressure develops and product of series of a powerful person of hydraulic pressure control satisfy international standard not only (ISO4401, DIN, SAE) , more get the accredit of war industry domain and favour. Product of its limiting temperature (use temperature lowest is achieved - 40 ℃ , highest temperature achieves 150 ℃ ) , it is in hydraulic pressure the domain gets applied extensively more.
The promotion that Luo Sheng enterprise regards his as to be in China and sale serve trader, have perfect service network, and strong technical group, in Luo Sheng the joint efforts of enterprise and Dipuma falls, regular meeting provides the most excellent service to Chinese user.

Strategic partner autograph makes an appointment with a ceremony to end satisfactorily

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