Japanese criterion fierce is rolled out use at the emery wheel with abrade glass

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Japanese criterion fierce (Noritake) the accurate treatment that already faced the vitreous part such as optical lens, prism now, rolled out secure emery wheel of arenaceous bead type " Mirrorpolyssa (transliteration) " . As arenaceous as free bead secures arenaceous bead photograph to compare with what have, the evenness that machines a face is spent taller.
Ongoing in the past when grinding this kind of component, main in order to use oxidation cerium abrade means gives priority to the free arenaceous bead of chemistry. But the waste liquid that to be being mixed by free arenaceous bead water mixes and becomes hard has this kind of method processing. There still is defect in the meantime. And Mirrorpolyssa is belonged to fixed arenaceous bead, because this both neither needs to undertake administering to the chroma of arenaceous bead and water, return the generation that can reduce waste liquid considerably.
What Mirrorpolysa uses is equably will arenaceous bead arrives dispersedly the structure in meshy adhesive. Because of this and secure arenaceous bead photograph to compare, not easy cut machines a face. In addition, through undertaking optimizing to stomatic aperture, make porosity achieved 60 % above, because this can manage stable abrade property. Additional, because arenaceous bead will be measurable,ground happening falls off, after because this is in,workpiece is close to lens side effect still tenability is abrade force.

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