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On June 16, 2008, 2008 edition release CAXA production engineer formally. With day, organizing committee of contest of skill of numerical control of the 3rd whole nation was released " ask to inform about technology of contest of skill of numerical control of the 3rd whole nation " , appoint CAXA to produce an engineer 2008 accuse platform of software of total final of contest whole nation for this frequency, CAXA becomes CAM of final of contest of countrywide numerical control to appoint software exclusively of software again.

2008 edition added CAXA production engineer newly to contain diagnostic substance the main function such as modelling of modelling, free curved surface and the two axes numerical control treatment to 5 axes. The engineer is produced in CAXA on the foundation of 2006 edition, still did to original function still increase, improve, especially: Can use at code changeover, manual process designing and the process designing of grand program to aid hand module; Added contrail of rough machining of series of A of treatment of curvilinear treatment, curved surface area, impeller and finish machining, 5 axes newly to turn in the light of 5 axes module the function such as four-axle contrail; Enhanced mill chamfer ability in the light of four-axle module, updated four-axle postposition, support 360 degrees of successive point of view; Updated systematic License to check, get used to large-scale application setting.

CAXA production engineer is the software of CAM of numerical control process designing that has outstanding craft sex, it is efficient learn easily, for numerical control treatment industry was offerred generate to treatment code from modelling, design, treatment is emulated, the solution of the unifinication such as code desired result, it is numerical control machine tool is true " cerebrum " . CAXA makes engineer software not only a lot of more shirt-sleeve processing technique of foreign high speed and much axis processing technique, and the famous CAM firm that its postposition handles a technology to return OEM to give Japan. Additionally it is read instead in code and code changeover respect has very strong dominant position, if farad overcomes code,changeover is Xi Menzi code, Hai Dehan code, China in numerical control code is waited a moment.

CAXA makes the advantage of engineer CAM software still depend on it is CAXA the main component of complete PLM solution, can not have to the integral PLM solution such as PDM, MPM with CAXA CAD, CAPP, DNC seam compositive. It is for instance in DNC system, OK and direct batch guides into software of CAXA electron drawing board model of 2 dimension CAD is mixed file of CAPP of software of CAXA craft chart, make product structure tree automatically, information of the file inside CAXA electron drawing board and CAXA craft chart is automatic to load cultivates node to go up to product structure, CAXA makes an engineer can get these node information directly, generated contrail is automatic when postposition is handled to load these component node information, the DNC that assures sequel directly is transmitted and feedback of machine tool information included what these are not graphical information to deliver.
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