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28 days, always invest 10. Project of 2.5 billion yuan garden of industry of Jiangsu hydraulic pressure is in go into operation of embellish state division. The construction of this project is indicating steering gear of hydraulic pressure of a world-class produces a business be about to " broken case " , also indicating at the same time the base of the biggest production that embellish city is about to make motor of steering gear of world hydraulic pressure, hydraulic pressure.

Investment of project of garden of industry of Jiangsu hydraulic pressure just is factory of Zhenjiang fluid casting die finite liability company. Through 30 old development, this company already was competition ability of core of Chinese machinist job at present " 100 strong companies " , chinese manufacturing industry has growing sex 1000 times most medium and small businesses and provincial and new and high enterprise, also be steering gear of domestic production complete hydraulic pressure and a powerful person of hydraulic pressure of form a complete set at the same time kind product time most, produce and sale measures the earliest, breed the biggest company. This company comes for years firmly holds home market portion of 60 % above, among them sales volume of motor of steering gear of complete hydraulic pressure, cycloidal hydraulic pressure ranks China the first, the world the 4th. Last year, the company produces a product 680 thousand, the sales revenue that finish 2. 7.2 billion yuan, implementation profit tax 100 million yuan, the product sells as far as to many nations of world and area.

Project of garden of industry of Jiangsu hydraulic pressure covers an area of 248 mus, total floor area 150 thousand square metre. The project is divided period carry out, head period invest 500 million yuan, whole project is finished inside 5 years. After project building, company year productivity can amount to 1.2 million, predicting implementation sells gross earnings 9. 700 million yuan, realize taxes 2. 400 million yuan, produce steering gear of ascend body hydraulic pressure world second position.

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