The evolution of hammer of global hydraulic pressure appears shape analysis and

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A few manufacturer think, the whole world is exuberant to demand of hammer of large hydraulic pressure, because large hammer power is great,this is, can improve manufacturing efficiency. Additionally a few manufacturer express to suspect to this one viewpoint, it is so important to think in the development of new product norms dimension is not.

Atelasi? Popular science stalks or branch say when the HB10000 of hammer of 10t hydraulic pressure that the market manager TorstenAhr of accessory of responsible hydraulic pressure speaks of a company exhibiting on ConExpo exposition 2008: "The development trend of hammer of large hydraulic pressure is obvious, so we need to produce the product of bigger norms, HBl0000 is only among them one of, but not be the last, we had begun to design the product with older the next. We had begun to design the product with older the next..

But he complements again say, atelasi? Popular science stalks or branch will get on energy in light-duty and efficient product centrally. "The weight that increases hydraulic pressure hammer and cannot improving productivity is without a meaning, can make grab consumes more fuel only instead. If of operating weight and exercise efficiency rise than doing not have, beautiful money developed new product to lose a sense. Beautiful money developed new product to lose a sense..

Defeat the hammer of the record

Meanwhile, indeco rolled out the heaviest hydraulic pressure hammer on the world -- HP18000, this hammer weighs 11t, can install the drill steel of diametical 250mm.

The spokesman of Indeco says: "Besides dimension big beyond, HP18000 rate is rapid, versatility is strong, frequency can be achieved 460 times / Min. Considering its norms, so rapid rate can be thought of scarcely discuss. Compare with other hammer, its hydraulic pressure efficiency is tall, can output huge energy. Can output huge energy..

As contrary as this, RSRaghavan of market department manager says: "The size of hammer is not quite main to the user. To manufacturer, build heavier or bigger or taller hammer is not what tickler, what is the key the market needs? Is this of user need? Is this the choice of the user? Is this the choice of the user??

He says then, the company wants to be run by market rule, "If the market needs bigger hammer, we are absolutely procreative. We are absolutely procreative..

Say according to Mr Raghavan, the main principle that company product develops Shanteweike is to offer the program that solves a problem. " the dimension size that what the user values is a product or other what element? We do not want to say brashly to the user ' hey, we have the biggest hammer on the world. ' we should say to the user we have the hammer that satisfies them to need. ' we should say to the user we have the hammer that satisfies them to need..

The market manager CharlesHoward of DII accessory company says, the norms that the matter that hydraulic pressure hammer becomes bigger more is hydraulic pressure grab is bigger and bigger. The other development trend of hammer is but timing and low noise.
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