Oil of hydraulic pressure of bay boat plane divulges crash Sydney to be the 3rd

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Accident bay boat Boeing is checked by the staff member after 767 planes crash.

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In new network on August 3 electric Australia aviation 9 airliner crash accident produces the 3rd times in the day. The Boeing that bay boat flies to Philippine Manila 767 planes, after 2 days take off by Sydney before long, discover problem of occurrence leak of hydraulic pressure system, aircraft division is forced to be in sky discharge is oily, fly next return Sydney airport crash-land. Aviation authorities denied bay boat to reduce safe level.

According to Hong Kong " civil report " report, hold the flight of bay boat QF19 of 200 passengers, 2 days of midday were controlled 1:20 local time after taking off before long, air traffic control member discovery sees the object that is like aerosol appear by machine back, confirming ever since is the hydraulic pressure oil that hydraulic pressure system comes out in wing leak, your tail appears a few sparge. Aircraft division is followed backward air traffic control member express to need crash-land, about safety landed at 3 o'clock. The passenger obtains arrangement to turn by later another airliner flies to Manila.

The passenger expresses, after the plane takes off low fly about 5 minutes, it is to the south of Sydney offshore in the sky discharge is oily, circle in half sky ever since even more one hour. Bay boat points to, before the flight takes off, did not discover leakage is oily, safe problem is done not have before emphasizing taking off. Bay boat denies a flight to make the statement of crash-land, show the passenger does not have danger at that time, fold returning is precautionary measures only.

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