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Jinan luck brings instrument limited company, it is the company of omnibus science and technology that research and development of a market, production, sale is an organic whole, be located in Jinan of Shandong provincial capital development of new and high technology, the company is forerunner with science and technology, with combination of unit of big quadrangle school, scientific research, rely on advanced technique major to develop production to be able to light toxic gas to explore product of testing instrument of poisonous and warning decice, harmful gas, appearance and electron of other high end. How does luck pass ISO9001 5 years: Attestation of 2000 quality system, the metrological implement that obtains type of product of electron of national fire control to approbate certificate and quality technology tactics to supervise a branch to issue produces licence, product quality by accept insurance of People's Insurance Company of China. Luck installs a product to apply Yu Ran extensively the existence such as gas, oil, chemical industry, pharmacy, metallurgy, electric power, mine, guesthouse is combustible explode easily, the man-trap of poisonous and harmful gas. The product sells more than 20 companies of past whole nation that visit town to be with the person this, quality the first, take the management concept of safe overweight Mount Taishan, devote oneself to gas to install all inspection to measure a domain, with top-ranking product, high-class service, satisfy requirement of user diversification individuation, make contribution to ensure life property safety of the client!
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Address: Road of Jinan city China dragon 509
Postcode: 250100
Contact: Feng Junchen
Connect a telephone call: 0531-89201101
Contact a fax: 0531-82375738
Email: Fengjunchen@163.com
Mobile phone: 13608938455

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