Heart state city closes plant of machines and tools of abundant hydraulic pressu

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Heart city closes plant of machines and tools of abundant hydraulic pressure, have the history that produces extrahigh voltage product for years, it is the business of main key member of domestic superhigh pressure. Product breed covers a hand to move crock of pump, electric pump, power pump and pumping station, tool to wait for all sorts of extrahigh voltage component, accessory and machines and tools, carry on the hydraulic pressure system that the design produces all sorts of demand and the system of large flow superhigh pressure that executive tool develops recently got especially the welcome of broad user.

Serve ministry of after service of ad hoc full-time, every handles a product originally uniform execute lifelong dog service, the free service inside 3 bag period. The hydraulic pressure machines and tools that offers all sorts of brand sort for you at the same time is safeguarded, maintain, the place that gives an user gives, think the place of the user thinks, it is our thought. With hydraulic press adding up to abundant, enjoy the service of person adding up to abundant, it is our tenet!

The product sells past whole nation to save city municipality each. Home sells a network to be formed basically, offer advantage for broad user.

Sell hot line 0534-2490187

Contact a method
Address: Developing zone of trade of heart state city
Postcode: 253000
Contact: Zhang Yundong
Connect a telephone call: 0534-2490187
Contact a fax: 0534-2490165
Email: Dzhfyy@163.com
Mobile phone: 13626378897

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