Rise again since Henan far east fall equipment limited company

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Rise again since Henan far east fall equipment limited company (the heavy metal since far east of city of primary new rural area makes long plant) it is domestic production rises fall the large and professional manufacturer of equipment, the enterprise registers fund 10 million yuan, , employee 169 people. The company covers an area of a face to accumulate 15 thousand square metre, year productivity 50 million yuan. Manufacturing technology capability is abundant, equipment is advanced, detect facility is complete, overall executive quality runs a system, total heart is consecratory and high grade product.

Company main product: : Party of Li million Tao carries  Ban to ugly uncover racoon dog  lamp teachs ㄊ of pool of ⒐ of  of pray of  of capture of fish hawk of administer of ā ⒙ bridge ⑺ of ā of capture  bank dash forward Xi fines silk of lineal descent of  of capture of  of deficient of blown away by wind of old billabong of ⑶ of idle of party of Tao of million of Li of reef of Dang of Qian ⒄ Yan

The hydraulic pressure that company development development produces rises fall platform has the honor to win name of science and technology of the 4th China 97 years to actor or actress gold prize of new product exposition; Home obtains a country the 3rd times to produce licence business with the industry, examine via mechanical quality is being carried to supervise again since the country the center examines, obtain qualification of experiment of type of equipment of national special type to report, produce license number: NO.TS2441158—2011, fill provincial and blank; Aerial work truck is the same as a country ” of factory of special car batholith develops east wind of large company “ jointly. Our company are awarded quality management 99 years to amount to prize enterprise by the Ministry of Agriculture; 6 years classics Henan saves bureau of industrial and commercial administration to maintain " far mine " the card rises fall equipment is Henan famous merchandise, pass attestation of ISO9001 quality system, be judged to be “ to abide by contract for many times keep good faith consumer of ” of enterprise ” , business of stage of “ credence AAA, “ is believed so that pass the honorary letter such as unit ” .

My company product has insurance company to assume liability insurance all the year round.

My company sincere receive all walks of life presence guidance comes before new old user, negotiate business.

My company purpose: Quality the first, credit the first, dog service.

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