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Limited company of machinery of hydraulic pressure of peak of heart city weather is the enterprise of crock of pumping station of professional production superhigh pressure, jack, tool and hydraulic pressure machines and tools. Force of my plant technology is abundant, detect facility is complete, product quality is stable and reliable, after service is considerate, its each technology index all is close to or reach international level.

Company from beginning to end with “ sincere letter respects ” of user of course of study, press close to, professional technology to be a tenet, offer appropriate systematic solution for the user, with our preeminent technology and administrative redound society. The company built perfect quality management system and intelligent system compositive technology standard, catch single-handed pay government, stress quality single-handed, in aggrandizement quality canal

Manage while, fostered a batch of first-class project technology staff, established good company image.

Contact a method
Address: Iron of the city zone of heart of heart state city on the west south trade developing zone head
Postcode: 253100
Contact: Wang Haiyan
Connect a telephone call: 0534-2968880
Contact a fax: 0534-2388128
Email: Dztfyy@dztfyy.cn
Mobile phone: 013969234058

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