Shield of machine tool of Heibei indifferent numerical control creates limited c

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Shield of machine tool of production numerical control of birth of my company major, guide screw shield, accurate instrument is dustproof cover, dustproof fold lag of shield of drape, armor plate, rectangular metal collapsible tube, DGT conduit, helix metal strip protects the large company of jacket, plastic towline, steel aluminous towline. Flexible organ type is dustproof shield of slideway of bed of trigger of shield of cover, guide screw, armor plate, stainless steel, stainless steel piece armature shield, balata shield, oil resistant shield, flexible shield of organ type slideway. Multi-purpose model machine tool of type of shield of shield, solder relieve a garrison, armature establishs shield, whole telescopic protection of metal strip of organ shield, helix is covered, what special rolled steel makes is telescopic shield
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