Shandong aid in relief machinery plant

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Shandong aid in relief machinery plant is home the greatest hydraulic pressure rises fall major of platform, elevator produces one of manufacturer, also be the manufacturer of trailer ball exit that home has dimensions most. Have the honor to win “ ” of provincial and advanced company, “ is provincial abide by contract, keep good faith the title such as enterprise ” .

Factory only then built 1958, technical force is abundant, manufacturing facilities is excellent, technology is advanced and sound, detect the method is all ready. The SJY series hydraulic pressure that this factory produces rises fall platform is the advanced headroom on current world exercise is mechanical, wide application is safeguarded at overhaul of installation of project, industry, equipment, workshop, a lot of industries such as property management, stereo storehouse, aviation, airport, haven, station and place; In the meantime, this factory is China major of the biggest trailer spare parts produces manufacturer, among them trailer ball already got American Detroit detects examine the center is approbated, sell as far as to overseas market. This factory product is produced strictly according to national level, international standard.

Shandong aid in relief machinery plant devotes oneself to to improve employee quality, create top-ranking character, with the management of standardization, provide satisfactory product and service for the client.

President Liu iron gives birth to constant hold to “ to do an enterprise to be an upright person namely the code of conduct of ” , sincere letter is this, develop jointly. Base oneself upon of Shandong aid in relief machinery plant at domestic strong opponent forest, of tomorrow of …… of collaboration of abroad good faith brilliant, only then the effort now.

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Address: In relief classics of Jinan city aid 2 45
Postcode: 251400
Contact: Aid in relief machinery plant
Connect a telephone call: 0531-84211935
Contact a fax: 0531-84211081
Email: Xsk@jyjxc.cn

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