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Limited company of Jiangsu east hydraulic pressure reposes in the scenery beautiful, the gold aqueduct south bank with delightful climate----Yun Ting presses down river shade city, with “ the world ” of the first village----Hua Xicun near neighbour, terraqueous traffic is very convenient.

My company is at present home abandons old goods and materials to reclaim the well-known company of mechanical industry, “ east of production contains ” brand product is “ China quality excellent be at ease brand ” , consumer of “ quality, service, credit is authentic product ” , it is the manufacturing base of China's best hydraulic pressure machinery. Have abundant technical force and perfect production to detect equipment, the company has modern large workshop, use pattern of modern business management, the company owns national patent more than 10. Dominant product: Packer of hydraulic pressure of Y81 series metal, y82 series is metalloid hydraulic pressure packer, bits of Y83 series metal and series of machine, Y32 4 column hydraulic press, even if YZJ series is cut machine, type of Q43 series crocodile is cut machine, plane shear of type of Q15 dragon door, compressor of rubbish of Y63 series life, 8 old series more than 50 breed.

The company is founded 1993, passed attestation of ISO9001 quality system 2002, company enlarge is large-scale 2003, build workshop area 17000 square metre. Was judged to be product of actor of Jiangsu market name 2003. Came to was judged 3 years continuously 2004 2002 keep good faith to abide by contract without stannic city enterprise, was judged 2005 keep good faith to abide by contract without class of stannic city AAA enterprise. “ east filled ” to be judged to be well-known trademark of the city that do not have stannum 2005. Had the honor to win " Jiangsu to save quality 2006 sincere letter " of business of 5 stars stage and promote is dimensions of ” of limited company of hydraulic pressure of “ Jiangsu east large company.

The quality of the product is the life of the enterprise, the development of the company puts quality and reputation in from beginning to end the first. Hold to a technology to innovate to serve a client with excellent professional level, develop and expand what the company passes more than 10 years, good figure is established in the client, the product also gets the reliance of domestic and international client, already sold as far as to abroad 30 many countries and area.

Contact a method
Address: Jiangsu saves garden of industry of booth of cloud of river shade city
Postcode: 214422
Contact: Oriental hydraulic pressure
Connect a telephone call: 0510-86015678
Contact a fax: 0510-86152190
Email: Sales@jsdf.cn

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